Our Purpose

Healing Heart Collaborative is a Community Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (OOPP), offering training in overdose response, suppling Narcan kits and harm reduction education to anyone in the Central New York region.

 Harm Reduction Saves Lives. 

We are fighting stigma and educating on all forms of harm reduction.

If you are in urgent need, reach out and someone will work with you to get you a Narcan kit:

If this is an emergency, call 911. 

Contact us or find us set up in various locations across Cortland County and CNY. 

N-PODs (Naloxone Point of Distribution)

There are currently 4 N-PODs across Cortland County. These Narcan Points of Distribution (N-PODs) hold 9 boxes of Narcan and can be wall or post mounted for 24/7 access. They are public, wall or pole-mounted boxes, designed to be watertight, that can hold up to 18 doses of Narcan, the FDA-approved opioid overdose reversal medication. They provide both a life-saving resource to people in need, as well as instructions for use. Healing Hearts Collaborative (HHC) stocks and maintains them.

We already have N-PODs at:

We are seeking more local agencies or businesses willing to host N-PODs throughout rural Cortland County. 

Emergency Use Narcan Mailboxes

There are 3 emergency use Narcan mailboxes located in downtown Cortland, coordinated by HHC

They can be found at the following locations:

If you need Narcan right away, and can't connect with someone who can help, visit one of these black mailboxes for Narcan. 

What we've been able to accomplish...

Since 2017 our trainers have been, training community members and distributing Narcan kits to those in need. Healing Hearts Collaborative Started in 2018.  In 2021, we distributed over 1,400 kits throughout CNY and we are all proud to be one of the primary providers of Narcan in Cortland County. We meet people where they are at and make it a priority to make getting trained and accessing kits as easy as possible in order to save as many lives as possible. There are Emergency Narcan Boxes with in the City of Cortland. After all Narcan is the first line of defense when you talk about people lives.

Remember the person who started this all...